4 Common Myths about Journaling

I have been journaling for years. It’s an invaluable tool that has helped me gain clarity, process feelings and set a path for my future both short term and long. I consider my journal to be the best way to coach myself. And while I know that journaling isn’t for everyone, I want to address […]


Two Words to Improve Relationships Both at Home and at Work

We all have this need to be seen; why just this weekend at Super Bowl LV, the directors put over 30,000 cutouts of fans in the seats so players could feel like they had someone watching them. We want to be seen. To know that we are valued and that we belong. If you have […]


How to Make it Through the Five Stages of Mastery

These are the Five Stages of Mastery. Learning about those first three stages was critical for me. Knowing I just had to keep going to make it to exploration and maybe even love was key.


Five Ways to Inject More Play Into Your Very Adult Life

This is why I made PLAY my word for 2021. It’s a conscious choice to create more light-hearted moments in my life. I need to find the balance between Pleasure and Meaning.


How to Let Go of Other People’s Expectation for Your Life

In this blog post I wanted to share with you three things to keep in mind when you are purposefully changing something in your life. It can be really hard to unbundle yourself from the expectations of the world and move into what your heart and soul really want; especially if that thing is tied up in other people’s expectations of you.

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Check Your Behaviors to Uncover Your Beliefs

Your beliefs dictate your behaviors. (mic drop) Let me say that again for the back row…your beliefs about yourself, others and the world at large dictate your behaviors. Now I can’t help you with other people in your life or the world at large, but as a coach, I can definitely help you challenge those […]