The Programs

Connect to your own wisdom, build healthy habits and control that negative dialogue in your head with the support of others. The YOU Experience is an 8-week live program for those who want personalized support, along with the opportunity to share experiences with a community of others looking to take control of their lives. You’ll be on a path of clarity, curiosity, and wisdom to get more of what you want.

After completing the YOU Experience you’ll have access to the VIP Inner Circle – an online community of people just like you for continued support and accountability on your YOU journey.

Are you a part of a team? Want to do something different for your next meeting? What if, at your next meeting you skipped the discussion about everything that’s wrong and instead had a stronger, more robust working session building on what’s right? TEAM COACHING is custom designed to help not just YOU, but your team. Do something different, elevate your work and push past the roadblocks holding your team back from their true potential. With Deanna’s background in improv, storytelling, appreciative inquiry and social science she’ll work with you to design a one of a kind coaching experience. Perfect for teams in any industry and any size.

Sometimes you need to focus solely on YOU. Create more personal time for yourself with One-on-One Coaching sessions. This all about YOU experience is designed to help you find clarity, connect to your own wisdom and lead you to achieve more than you thought possible. Every week, you’ll work with me to go over strategies designed to identify what you want, set goals, create productive habits and strive for consistency. This program is designed for those who are willing to commit to doing the work that will lead them to the outcomes they desire.

“you’ve only got one shot at this life, why not make it great?”
-Deanna Moffitt




There are so many wonderful things to say about working with Deanna I can hardly pick my favorite place to begin!

My best experience would have to be the way she helped me navigate through the end of an expired relationship. Deanna has a unique way of helping people find new perspectives and ways of framing experiences to help them find their own strengths. The fascinating part for me was that through the experience she made every idea seem like it came from me, but the entire time she was facilitating my growth in a way that was perfect for my timeline. I never felt for a moment like I was behind, off track, or not changing in the right way.

Deanna’s guidance still comes to me from time to time in stressful work situations. If I find myself spiraling after a particularly tough day, I can hear her gentle voice in my head saying, ‘What questions does this situation bring up for you? What lesson might we take away?’ Within minutes I can take apart the situation, make a choice on how I want to feel, and move on with my day. The positive changes she has helped me make in my life feel automatic and permanent for me.

Every time I’ve worked with Deanna, I’ve looked forward to her amazing sense of humor and her incredibly light and bright spirit. What a gift it is to have been able to work with this amazing person.

katie lynch
Deanna is my Nancy Drew. She digs right in and sniffs out the root of the problem. Questions you hadn’t thought of before. Warmly delivered. Never judgy. Always leading somewhere. She gently – but very directly – steers you into the truth. Guidance that will ring in your ears for months.

farjana abdul
Working with Deanna has truly helped me dig deeper into finding my most authentic self. She has taught me how to live in the present. One of the greatest lessons and one I still practice daily is to thank myself. With her guidance I’m much more patient with myself. As we all should be. It helps that she is also such a bright spirited person and a true joy to be around.

kim spataro
Deanna and I began working together during a time of transition in my life. She helped me recenter my priorities, get clarity around the direction I wanted to take my life, and the necessary steps to get there. Her advice and continued support has been instrumental to my growth. The work she and I do together is so meaningful to me, and I cannot imagine where I would be today without her insight.

ellen aumack

I am so grateful for Deanna. I think back to that time when I felt like I had completely lost my mojo and wonder how I ever became so stuck in the first place. Deanna got me unstuck. Actually she didn’t get me unstuck – she does not DO anything for you, she makes YOU do it, and with that comes life changing power. Deanna’s exercises helped me pinpoint my professional priorities and I re-wrote my story with confidence.