Write your own version of 100-word life story

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I've taught storytelling for performance for years and one of my favorite exercises to use while teaching is the 100-word life story, not 120 words, or 93 words; 100 words exactly to tell your life story. 

It forces you to determine what is important enough to be included. And we can also challenge our natural propensity to focus on our pain more than our joys.

Below are submissions from a recent blog post and requests from readers to submit their own 100-word stories.

Birth, abandonment, adoption. A mother’s love, a brother’s abuse, and a father who was a stranger living in the same house. His final days were the closest I’d ever gotten to him. I married then divorced, living everyone’s expectations for my life. I experienced life on stage in Chicago, making things up and a fourteen-year relationship with few bumps that ended abruptly. I found home in LA. My dog Tori taught me to ask for what I want. I wrote my birth mother and heard silence as the response. Leaving a legacy of lives impacted with every conversation I have.

Deanna Moffitt

If this is intriguing to you and you'd like to take up the challenge, please do!

And once you're done send me your story; I'd love to add it to the gallery.