Woman waiting on a train platform

Why Wait?

I have never understood the mentality of waiting for a certain time, a specific date or even a planned event to change that which we don’t like in our lives. For example, why wait for a new year to start exercising? Why not do it on a Tuesday in November?

Close up image of a woman's running shoes as she runs up a flight of stairs

Keep on Truckin’

At one point in my life I moved from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL. I quit my job, sold my home and packed everything I owned into a Penske truck. My fiancé at the time – we didn’t end up getting married – drove every one of those 2,125 miles.

Close up of a female mannequin in a department store wearing a straw hat

The Dummy Inspiration

I remember going out to coffee breaks when I worked as an IT Project Manager dreaming about doing something else with my life and not knowing how I could retain the three weeks of vacation or how I would get health insurance. Those golden handcuffs were awfully tight.

Woman resting on top of a mountain watching the sunrise

Action Traction

We all have it, that little voice that says “I’d love to try that” or “I wonder what my life would be like if…” and our ego that part of us that wants us to stay comfortable, stay safe, responds with those tired clichés: “I could never do that”, “it’s too late”. “I’m too old.”