How to Build Your Business and Stay True to Yourself

Many folks who read my blog are former students from a life coaching certification course where I teach. If you’re one of my students, “Hi, I’m so glad you’re here!” I teach two classes, one on powerful questioning and one on the 5D conversation model. Quite honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do. […]

I’m Not Perfect; I’m a Coach.

Last week a client of mine told me they were grateful that I had done a recent video on an area of my life where I was struggling. Up until then, they said they thought I had my life all figured out and that I was kind of “perfect.” While I’m proud of the work […]


How to Write Your Own Personal Development Book Through Journaling

I can’t remember the last time I read a fiction book—something for pure pleasure. My bookshelves are filled with personal development books, with topics ranging from leadership to storytelling, positive psychology, relationships, and lots of stops along the way. I’m fascinated by us humans, how we work, and how we can learn to work better […]

Get Out of Your Way and Start Becoming Truly Influential

As a self-proclaimed learner, I’m almost always taking a course, reading a book, or listening to an educational podcast. My latest indulgence is a course called  “Speak to Inspire” with Lisa Nichols.  Now I’ve been a speaker, storyteller, and facilitator for years, so I thought I would take this course to pick up one or […]


How to Become Your Own Best Coach Through Journaling

Over the years my journal practice has become my greatest coach and a connection to my own wisdom. It’s the place where I unravel my thoughts, dream about the future and more importantly strategize the steps to get there. I’ve researched different modalities, formats and processes and found the ones that have worked for me. […]

Coach thoughts

Thursday Thoughts (Feb 11th Edition)

Two Powerful Words to Improve Your Relationships Both at Home and Work We all have this need to be seen; why just this weekend at Super Bowl LV, the directors put over 30,000 cutouts of fans in the seats so players could feel like they had someone watching them. We have a human need for […]