Thursday Thoughts (Nov. 26th Edition)

Hi Friends, It’s Thanksgiving here in the US where many of us normally gather with family, eat a huge meal and do our best to avoid any conversations about politics. With Covid on the rise it might be a different kind of holiday for you this year. However you are choosing to celebrate I wish […]

The Art of Self-Acceptance

Accepting Yourself Changes Everything As a coach, I feel so honored that people are willing to share their life’s biggest dreams and biggest struggles with me. One of the most difficult struggles that my clients face is their inability to accept themselves for who they right now. Most people have conditional self-acceptance.  If I’m being […]

Thursday Thoughts (Nov. 19th Edition)

Hi Friends,Here’s this week’s dose of ideas, insights and inspirations. Insight Mel Robbins, the author of The 5 Second Rule, has released several Audible only “books.” Is it still a book if I don’t have to read it? Recently she released a series called ‘Start Here with Mel Robbins’. They’re 30ish minute talks that range […]

Rhythm of the Night

Okay, you caught me. I’ll come clean…I love my bed. While I don’t work from it often, I may or may not be typing this blog post from my bed right now. And yes, soon I will set the computer on my nightstand and take a quick twenty (ok, thirty…) minute nap.  This isn’t a […]