Custom Workshops

What if your team was able to discuss as a group their collective mission?

What if together they created a strategy to meet their mission objectives by leaning on their strengths?

Or, what if your team or group had a completely experiential growth session?

No PowerPoint.

No laptops.

No rope courses required.

What if you and I got a chance to talk about what you ultimately want to achieve, in a set amount of time, and together we created a workshop experience where everyone feels like they gained a new set of skills or knowledge and left you looking like a rockstar at the end of it?

I would love a chance to bring this experience and knowledge to work with you and your team, group or organization.

But, before we go any further let me ask a few questions:

If you’re experiencing any of these things, first know this…You are not alone!!  

Secondly, we can create a program that can elevate your entire group from leadership to individual contributor.

Deanna Moffitt speaking in front of a group of corporate clients

Imagine This

Leadership within your organization understands their impact not only on their direct reports but throughout the organization and they handle themselves accordingly.

You have engaged teams that report a high-level of psychological safety; they’re able to achieve more by listening to and engaging with diverse ideas.

Effective feedback is provided on an ongoing regular basis and is able to be heard and acted upon.

A culture of “Yes, and” is pervasive throughout the organization, so ideas are built upon instead of being ignored or shunned.

Leadership is able to create buy-in by using compelling narratives around the ideas, situations, strategies or goals.

People feel valued for their contributions and speak highly of your organization at all times.

We can create a one-time offering: a series of workshops: facilitated conversations, or provide both group and individual coaching to support your needs.

Deanna Moffitt speaking in front of a group of corporate clients

So, who is this ball of energy that will light up any room?

Hi, I’m Deanna!

I’ve been helping groups of people connect to their collective wisdom, elevate their individual leadership skills and build better more effective teams.

I’m obsessed with accelerating the transformation of leaders in all capacities and focused on the understanding that everyone can embrace the attribute of a growth mindset. 

I facilitate by creating a learning environment where participants can “Fail wildly” in practice of trying something new.

My goal is to make a powerful, long-term, positive impact on those with whom I come in contact. 

I’ve worked with companies such as: Microsoft, Toyota, Pepsi, Old Navy, Google, NBC Universal, AMEX Travel, Delta, Marriott, Deloitte, Sunovion, Hologic and many, many, more.  

The most common feedback I receive is: “Inspiring”, “Energizing”, and “Engaging”.

Call me if you’d like to chat about creating an experience your team won’t forget.