Write Your Hero Origin Story Workshop

I learned very quickly that telling people that I was a coach after the question of “What do you do?” could be a conversation killer.

It’s so nebulous.

I’d rush in after saying I’m a coach with all the ways I help people and I’d get “Oh, that’s nice” as a response.


It got to the point where I would DREAD that question.

And then I learned the power of using my story.

Duh, Deanna….you think you would have gotten this a little sooner. I mean you have taught storytelling for years and you’ve hosted storytelling shows. You KNOW the power of storytelling!

Yeah, but I just never thought about applying it HERE. Once I did though…everything changed.

See here’s the truth: a good story can be told in 30 seconds or in a three hour documentary. A story engages people into listening and INVITES a conversation.

Our stories immediately attract the people we want to engage and can repel those we don’t. And here’s what I know with absolute certainty…EVERYONE has a story.

If you’d like some help crafting your story for your website, blog posts, bios, or intros I’d love to help you. Check out the link in my bio. My next class is :


January 16, 2021

9am – 12pm PT

Here’s what past participants have said about the class: 

“I just finished the ‘Writing Your Hero Origin Story’ class – and now I want to get a cape!  I had previously tried to write my story without success through other courses and “freebies” .  Deanna’s approach to drawing out important details was exactly what I needed to craft my authentic story –  and I am thrilled with the results.  Working with her prompts and guidance I focused only on the essential parts, specifically what my potential clients need to hear to see their own possibilities.  So grateful for this!”   

 ~ Lee McCraw-Leavitt, Coach

“Deanna asked the kind of questions that helped me tap into my backstory. I’ve written my story before and it sounded like a regurgitated timeline with a lot of scattered information. I loved how she encouraged us to stay true to our stories yet also to be extremely simple and relatable. Deanna coached some of us in real time which was SO helpful for all of us even if we weren’t the one being coached. She has a kind, gentle, and fun style of coaching that I felt comfortable being myself around her and trying the exercises. My fear of failure sometimes gets in the way during interactive workshops, but I felt comfortable in this one! Thanks for helping me dig for the gold, Deanna!”   

– Tess Narciso, Peds RN + Resilience Life Coach


Thank you!