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Thursday Thoughts (Dec. 17th Edition)

INSIGHT Okay, yes I coach humans and bring their patternistic ways of belief and behavior into the light so they can change them if they so choose.  But, my little fur baby, Tori needs some training too. The only time she acts up is when someone knocks on the door, or when she’s outside meeting […]

Finding the Gold in a Muddy 2020

“This year has been a total dumpster fire.” I paused when I heard the words come out of my mouth… I was on a Zoom call with friends and joining in on the pile-on of terrible things that have happened this year. From the global level, down to the personal; we spent about 30 minutes […]

The Art of Self-Acceptance

Accepting Yourself Changes Everything As a coach, I feel so honored that people are willing to share their life’s biggest dreams and biggest struggles with me. One of the most difficult struggles that my clients face is their inability to accept themselves for who they right now. Most people have conditional self-acceptance.  If I’m being […]

Rhythm of the Night

Okay, you caught me. I’ll come clean…I love my bed. While I don’t work from it often, I may or may not be typing this blog post from my bed right now. And yes, soon I will set the computer on my nightstand and take a quick twenty (ok, thirty…) minute nap.  This isn’t a […]