Deanna's Thoughts

Finding the Gold in a Muddy 2020

“This year has been a total dumpster fire.” I paused when I heard the words come out of my mouth… I was on a Zoom call with friends and joining in on the pile-on of terrible things that have happened this year. From the global level, down to the personal; we spent about 30 minutes […]

Thursday Thoughts (Dec. 10th Edition)

We are almost there…getting ready to close out 2020…only 21 more days. I say, let’s make the most of it!  To that end, I’ve got a couple of things that make the last few days more fun.  I’ve had many requests for a class on creating content for the  “About Me” page for your website.  […]


Thursday Thoughts (Dec. 3rd Edition)

Ideas I had to share this sleep headband with bluetooth speakers with you! I used to listen to meditations at night in bed while wearing my AirPods, which never worked. I’m a side sleeper…ouchie-mama! One time I ended up with a small cut in my ear that got infected. It looked like a boxer’s cauliflower ear. (Look […]


Thursday Thoughts (Nov. 26th Edition)

Hi Friends, It’s Thanksgiving here in the US where many of us normally gather with family, eat a huge meal and do our best to avoid any conversations about politics. With Covid on the rise it might be a different kind of holiday for you this year. However you are choosing to celebrate I wish […]

The Art of Self-Acceptance

Accepting Yourself Changes Everything As a coach, I feel so honored that people are willing to share their life’s biggest dreams and biggest struggles with me. One of the most difficult struggles that my clients face is their inability to accept themselves for who they right now. Most people have conditional self-acceptance.  If I’m being […]

Thursday Thoughts (Nov. 19th Edition)

Hi Friends,Here’s this week’s dose of ideas, insights and inspirations. Insight Mel Robbins, the author of The 5 Second Rule, has released several Audible only “books.” Is it still a book if I don’t have to read it? Recently she released a series called ‘Start Here with Mel Robbins’. They’re 30ish minute talks that range […]