Thursday Thoughts (Nov. 19th Edition)

Hi Friends,
Here’s this week’s dose of ideas, insights and inspirations.


Mel Robbins, the author of The 5 Second Rule, has released several Audible only “books.” Is it still a book if I don’t have to read it? Recently she released a series called ‘Start Here with Mel Robbins’. They’re 30ish minute talks that range from topics on Toxic People (such a good episode), Financial Freedom, Sleep, Self Love and a lot more. There’s 13 episodes in all. They are a perfect length to listen to while walking, driving or hula hooping. Oh, and did I mention they’re FREE to Audible subscribers?


I created a free PDF for you on three ways to turn up your confidence. You can get it here. I’d love to hear what you think about the first tip. When you get really good at it your whole world can change. 


Have you run through all of the episodes of The Vow? Ted Lasso? Great British Baking Show? Are you looking for new entertainment? The Antidote is an hour of humorous stories that have nothing to do with the pandemic. It returns tonight at 6p PT. 

I created this show way back on March 30th thinking that it would run for about five weeks. Here we are in our eighth month and the show is still going strong. 

This is not your children’s storytelling hour. So, if you’ve got little kids, give them some trigonometry to solve, grab your favorite drink and join us in the Zoom room. Reserve your spot here with a donation from $0 – $8 dependent on your financial situation and/or generosity. 

Until next week,