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What if You Only Had 100 Words?

One of my favorite exercises to use while teaching storytelling is the 100-word life story, not 120 words, or 93 words; 100 words exactly to tell your life story.  This exercise forces brevity, and what you choose to focus on in 100 words brings to the surface what you think is important. Here’s one version […]

What if You Don’t Feel Like Doing Something

What if You Don’t Feel Like Doing Something

I’m struggling to write this blog post. There I’ve said it. I wanted to write something on energy but didn’t feel like I had the energy to write it. I’m at odds with myself. I want to honor my commitment to writing a blog post every week, but damn, if I’m not having a hard […]

Letter to a friend

A Letter to a Friend (Video)

Deanna shares a letter to a friend…or is it really to herself? And how you can get Deanna to whisper words into your ears every day.

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A Letter to a Friend

Hi friend, I see you managing so much. You are managing your family responsibilities, work responsibilities, and constantly doing, going, moving. When I’m in your presence, I can feel your energy. It feels anxious, unsettled; you don’t feel like you’re fully here with me. It feels like you’re psychologically time jumping from the past and […]

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Your Story May Need a Rewrite

I love a good story.  When I was a little kid I would build a barricade of books around the perimeter of my bed and hide underneath while my parents argued.  My favorite book was “The Big Book of Fairytales.” It was torn and tattered and I read the same stories over and over again.  […]

Abundance Only Works If You’re Willing to Receive it

What have you forgotten to receive? I blinked a couple of times after hearing that question. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Then Ken Honda, Japan’s most well-known financial educator, went on to explain that sometimes we get so focused on a few areas of our lives that we forget to look for and […]