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Does your vision of the future have room for magic?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the pandemic, it’s that creating a vision for my future requires some on-the-fly rewrites. We plan for a future based on what we know of our lives right now, but the way things are right now could be completely different in two years.  Heck, it could be different […]


I caught myself going down a rabbit hole again just now.  I don’t subscribe to Apple News, but I get on it almost daily and look at the headlines. And before I know it, I’m deep into an article that just moments before I wouldn’t have even known to be interested in. This time it […]

Here’s one of my favorite things to do with my clients.

I help people rewrite their stories so they can experience true freedom.  Sound lofty, doesn’t it?  But here’s what I’ve learned over the years through coaching… We get trapped in our stories. We create stories of our experiences with challenges or difficulties, and we end them as victim stories. We tell those stories over and […]

girl in black sleeveless top covering her face

I’m not a can of soup, I don’t need your label

I’ve gotta tell you; I don’t like labels.  When I was a kid, adults all around me thought I was smart. They told me often how smart I was, how easily I picked up on things, how I could read at a grade level much higher than the one I was in. They told me […]

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

I’m wrapping up this series of motivation methods with perhaps one of the most important one of all…keep your eye on the prize and keep on walking.  I want to share something with you. I’m writing this for myself, and if you resonate with it too, great!  But today, I’m writing to my soul.  Hi […]

Get Yourself an Awesome Squad

You know, when you’re trying to do that thing, you know, that thing that scares you. And your mental gremlins come out to play, and they start popping off with thoughts like… “Who are you to do this?” “No one is going to believe you can pull this off!” “You’re never going to do this […]