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Do You Remember a Time You Were Rejected?

I do.  I spoke in front of a room of about 150 engineers, delivering a talk with content I hadn’t developed, and I knew before even going in that it wasn’t going to be a good fit for this audience.  Boy, I was right. The engineers turned on me midway through the talk. It started […]

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Why Having a Clear, Compelling Life Vision is Even More Important Now

I remember sitting at my desk on the 12th floor of a building in Portland, OR; my desk overlooked the Willamette River, and I had a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood. In my mid 30’s I was making six figures, I had a beautiful four-bedroom house in the suburbs, and my husband was someone I […]


4 Common Myths about Journaling

I have been journaling for years. It’s an invaluable tool that has helped me gain clarity, process feelings and set a path for my future both short term and long. I consider my journal to be the best way to coach myself. And while I know that journaling isn’t for everyone, I want to address […]

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Thursday Thoughts (Dec. 31st Edition)

“This year has been a total dumpster fire.”…I paused when I heard those words come out of my mouth. I was on a Zoom call with friends and joining in on the pile on of terrible things that have happened this year.  From the global level, down to the personal; we spent about 30 minutes […]

Thursday Thoughts (Dec. 10th Edition)

We are almost there…getting ready to close out 2020…only 21 more days. I say, let’s make the most of it!  To that end, I’ve got a couple of things that make the last few days more fun.  I’ve had many requests for a class on creating content for the  “About Me” page for your website.  […]

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The Impossibly Possible

Exercising and feeling connected to my body is one thing that will always bring me back to center, even on the days I would rather take a nap on the couch with The Great British Bake-Off playing in the background.