There’s more to your breath than just breathing

This week I’m participating in a week-long, in-person integrative breath retreat in Bear Lake, Utah. I’m here with 14 other people from all over the country. Before coming, I knew two people that would be here, Patrick and Margaret, and it was on their suggestion that I made arrangements to participate. 

And I’m so glad I did. 

It’s the first in-person event I’ve done in over two years, and we’re all staying in the same retreat center, which is essentially two beautiful, large homes with an abundance of bedrooms on the same property. 

I’ve been the coach, group leader, and workshop facilitator for so long that it feels wonderful not to be in charge. To be fully engaged as the student, to learn and stretch and be nudged into uncomfortable vulnerability, knowing that something good happens every time I go there, even if I can’t recognize its goodness in the moment. 

The co-leaders, Jeff and Lynn, are masters at what they do. It’s incredible to witness them hold space for everyone in the group. They’ve been doing this kind of breathwork for years, and while they have very different approaches, they harmonize well together. 

But perhaps the most profound experience so far has been the depth of our conversations. Everyone is willing to look at their past patterns, see each other fully, and share deep personal truths. 

I can see how much I’ve missed the human connection you can’t quite capture over Zoom. 

I’ve been curious about the patterns I’ve created that have kept me single for over seven years. I believe I’m ready to break those patterns create new ways of being that would allow a deep and loving partnership. Oooooh…boy, that feels vulnerable to write. 

But that’s the kind of conversation I want to have with you, too; deep, meaningful ones where we both can show up as our messy selves. 

What feels vulnerable for you to admit right now? What do you want to create or let go of? This is a shame-free, guilt-free zone.