These Three Stinking Traps Suck

Whoops, I did it again. (can you read that in the Britany Spears singing voice, please?) I started creating a new offering, a 5-day challenge to help you build your fancy, schmancy email list to love on. And I got caught up in a thinking trap.  Three common ones will pop up whenever we start […]

Stop pouring from an empty glass

This one goes out to all my people pleasers, my over-givers, and my folks willing to say yes to everyone else, leaving no time or energy for themselves.  Is that you?  Are you pouring out of your proverbial glass to serve everyone around you, leaving you depleted and, let’s be honest, a tad bit resentful? […]

woman sitting in a chair with a notebook thinking

Not that ol’ assumption again

Earlier in the week, I asked the folks in my group coaching program, “What are the assumptions you’re making about your life, career, or relationships?” The question started a great conversation and revealed deep revelations.   I won’t tell you what the group members came up with, but I will tell you some of my old […]

You’re worth more than an unlabeled can of beans

Recently I was having a conversation with a new coach. She was about to have her first discovery call and she was nervous about how to proceed.  We talked through a discovery call process and then when we spoke about pricing. She said that she had already told the prospective coaching client that coaching with […]

There’s more to your breath than just breathing

This week I’m participating in a week-long, in-person integrative breath retreat in Bear Lake, Utah. I’m here with 14 other people from all over the country. Before coming, I knew two people that would be here, Patrick and Margaret, and it was on their suggestion that I made arrangements to participate.  And I’m so glad […]

Does your vision of the future have room for magic?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the pandemic, it’s that creating a vision for my future requires some on-the-fly rewrites. We plan for a future based on what we know of our lives right now, but the way things are right now could be completely different in two years.  Heck, it could be different […]