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People become better storytellers of their lives: the historical biography, the future fiction, and today’s headlines.

Because the deal is, the stories you tell about yourself TO yourself and the people around you become your truth. 

And sometimes you can’t even tell when you’re trapped in a story that isn’t serving you until someone points it out. You believe it to be your TRUTH when really it’s just a story. 

You CAN change your story, and I’d love to help you do it. 

Become more confident, handle rejection, lessen your worry and anxiety and create the life you want.

Take action now by clicking on the consult button and get started right away with a free 30-minute conversation. 

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The Rewrite

Your behaviors are based on old programming. Stories that were imprinted on you from the moment you were born.

The tricky thing is you may not even know what these stories are. Work with a small group of people and me to bring to your awareness and rewrite the stories of possibility for your life.

Click the The Rewrite title to find out more.

Transform Your Story

In this 45-minute session, we’ll spend time talking through the story of your past. The difficulties you’ve faced, the shame you’ve felt, the limiting beliefs you’ve gained. Then I’ll take that information and retell you a powerful story of who you are based on what you’ve experienced. You’ll get to hear a version of your […]

Personal Coaching

Sometimes you need something just for, well….YOU.

These One-on-One sessions are fully customizable to help you start asking the right questions, building the right habits and putting your goals into action.