Five Ways to Inject More Play Into Your Very Adult Life

This is why I made PLAY my word for 2021. It’s a conscious choice to create more light-hearted moments in my life. I need to find the balance between Pleasure and Meaning.

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Check Your Behaviors to Uncover Your Beliefs

Your beliefs dictate your behaviors. (mic drop) Let me say that again for the back row…your beliefs about yourself, others and the world at large dictate your behaviors. Now I can’t help you with other people in your life or the world at large, but as a coach, I can definitely help you challenge those […]

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100% Responsible

I have a crazy idea for you to entertain. You may find that you resist it at first, you’ll come up with several reasons why it can’t possibly be true. You may even say to yourself, “that Deanna, she’s a real nutter, she has no idea of the difficulties I’ve faced in my life.”