Check Your Behaviors to Uncover Your Beliefs

Your beliefs dictate your behaviors. (mic drop)

Let me say that again for the back row…your beliefs about yourself, others and the world at large dictate your behaviors.

Now I can’t help you with other people in your life or the world at large, but as a coach, I can definitely help you challenge those beliefs about yourself that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of behavior that is not helping you.

And we can start right now.

Changing Beliefs

Your life changes the moment you understand is that YOU have the power to CHANGE your beliefs.

Is it easy?? Sometimes…

I came back from India last year after getting really sick. I was dehydrated, constipated and my gut was in bad shape. I listened to my body and decided to eat plant based for a while.

I believed I could do that because my WHY was strong. My body was in disrepair and I didn’t like the way I was feeling.

So, for me going plant based felt like a great start to healing. I’ve enjoyed fish but haven’t had any land animal meat in over a year. For me, it felt like an easy choice. I believed I needed to remove meat from my diet…and my actions followed suit.

I am in no way advocating that my choice needs to be your choice. That’s the deal YOU get to choose YOUR beliefs.

Now is it ALWAYS easy to change your belief?? HELL NO.

I’ve struggled with worthiness issues my whole life.

Audit Your Behaviors

As an adopted child I knew I was loved but my child brain also processed the message of being given up by my biological parents as I am unlovable and unworthy.

I can process the experience as an adult and realize that it was quite possibly the most selfless and loving thing a mother can do…but as a young child, I didn’t have the capacity to see beyond myself.

So, that belief feels a little more hard-wired. The belief of unworthiness has manifested itself in many self-sabotaging ways.

It’s taken me years to unravel this belief of unworthiness. It still flashes up every once in a while. For me it often shows up in a lack of self-care; what I eat, poor sleep, or allowing clutter to build up around me, Its shadow is still there, but I can catch it more quickly and get my healthy behaviors back on track.

Now, I’m not sure I would have been able to say…I’m doing these things because I don’t feel worthy.

But I need to reiterate…our beliefs dictate our behaviors.

New Beliefs Lead to New Behaviors

My beliefs now are:

What’s a belief you know you need to change?

If you ever want some help creating new beliefs, I’ve got your back.

Let’s have a conversation and see how I might be able to help you.

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