100% Responsible

I have a crazy idea for you to entertain. You may find that you resist it at first, you’ll come up with several reasons why it can’t possibly be true. You may even say to yourself, “that Deanna, she’s a real nutter, she has no idea of the difficulties I’ve faced in my life.”

And you would be right, well, not about the nutter part, that other part about me not knowing everything you’ve experienced in your life.
But hear me out.

What if you took 100% responsibility for where your life is right now?

What if instead of blaming anyone else for your circumstances, for the shit that life has brought your way, for the way people have treated you, you said…”Yep, it’s true…this has happened to me, I am in this situation right now, these people have treated me this way AND here’s how I want to respond.

I am 100% responsible for how I handle myself in this situation from here-on-out.

It can feel like a heavy burden to take full responsibility for your life; it’s easier to point the finger at someone else and say, “You did this to me!”. But when we do that we’re also giving some level of power over to that person or situation.

What I want for you is to retain ALL the power in your life.

So, perhaps that means being clearer on your boundaries; knowing what your non-negotiables are and making sure the people you’re in relationships with know them too; understanding what your emotional triggers are and having an if _______, then _______ plan in place so your emotions don’t take control before you do; building the habits you need to have the life you want; not letting fear guide you away from your dreams; standing up for and to yourself when the negative self-judgment voice starts it’s stream of consciousness.

You HAVE the power to change your circumstances. It can be as simple as changing your mindset which can be one of the most difficult things you ever do.

It’s 100% up to you.

I promise you the journey of full accountability will be worth it.