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I’m not a can of soup, I don’t need your label

I’ve gotta tell you; I don’t like labels.  When I was a kid, adults all around me thought I was smart. They told me often how smart I was, how easily I picked up on things, how I could read at a grade level much higher than the one I was in. They told me […]

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

I’m wrapping up this series of motivation methods with perhaps one of the most important one of all…keep your eye on the prize and keep on walking.  I want to share something with you. I’m writing this for myself, and if you resonate with it too, great!  But today, I’m writing to my soul.  Hi […]

Get Yourself an Awesome Squad

You know, when you’re trying to do that thing, you know, that thing that scares you. And your mental gremlins come out to play, and they start popping off with thoughts like… “Who are you to do this?” “No one is going to believe you can pull this off!” “You’re never going to do this […]

Create the Vision you Want to Come From

August is all about motivation because, quite frankly, I need it. And if it resonates with you, GREAT! I’m writing this month about ways to get and keep myself motivated. This week is all about creating a crystal-clear vision of where you want to go. Having a vision is an essential strategy because we can […]

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Live Your Life More Fully by Knowing You’re Going to Die

Some of the most motivated people I know are those that have had near-death experiences. They have what is often called mortality motivation. They know without a shadow of a doubt that their days on this earth are finite. It’s an incredibly motivating experience. Several years ago, I did a few sessions with my friend […]

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How to Resist the Resistance

Work is more fun than fun. It is when you do it. It is not fun when you think about it, especially when you think about it ahead of time. ~ Noel Coward I am FEELING this quote today.  Today was a day full of commitments. Meetings with potential clients; two one-hour talks to different […]