Deanna's Thoughts

Can I get curious with you?

I haven’t taken on any new private clients all year! I’ve been teaching, speaking, and leading groups which has been great, but sometimes I miss the incredible growth that I can witness in private sessions with clients. So, I thought I’d share with you some questions that I might ask you if you were my […]

What are you thinking?

We don’t live in our experiences; we live in our thoughts about those experiences.  As a coach, I’m not interested in solving your problems. When you deal with what you think is a real problem, you get stuck trying to solve it. But when you see that the way you’re thinking about the situation is […]

woman sitting in a chair with a notebook thinking

Not that ol’ assumption again

Earlier in the week, I asked the folks in my group coaching program, “What are the assumptions you’re making about your life, career, or relationships?” The question started a great conversation and revealed deep revelations.   I won’t tell you what the group members came up with, but I will tell you some of my old […]

Do you have enough?

Seth Godin sends out a daily newsletter with small snippets of insights and wisdom. Below is what he sent yesterday. “To feel sufficient, to be satisfied with what we have: Chisoku in Japanese. Of course, by some measures, there’s never enough. We can always come up with a reason why more is better, or better […]

When I’m feeling stuck, here’s how I motivate myself

Have I told you yet, that writing a book is challenging? There is a chorus of fears going off in my head at any one time. “You’re never going to meet your deadline.” “You won’t have enough stories.” “You’re going to have to learn a new way of writing if you think you’re going to […]

You’re worth more than an unlabeled can of beans

Recently I was having a conversation with a new coach. She was about to have her first discovery call and she was nervous about how to proceed.  We talked through a discovery call process and then when we spoke about pricing. She said that she had already told the prospective coaching client that coaching with […]