What are you thinking?

We don’t live in our experiences; we live in our thoughts about those experiences. 

As a coach, I’m not interested in solving your problems. When you deal with what you think is a real problem, you get stuck trying to solve it. But when you see that the way you’re thinking about the situation is problematic, it opens up space for a different perspective and new possibilities. 

The struggle for most people is they believe their thoughts are facts. When you let go of the idea that your thoughts are real and objective, you become more playful in exploring the land of  “what if”. Because there is ALWAYS a different way to think about things. 

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And yet, it’s one of the hardest things to do, especially on your own. The value gained by changing your perspective is priceless.

It’s my passion. 

If you’re ever stuck or want to create something, and all you can see are the roadblocks, I’d love to help you see something in a new light.