What’s better than being the best?         

I’ve got a question for you. What is the best movie ever? 

There is a correct answer, and I bet you’re not going to get it right… 

…Forrest Gump is the best movie of all time. 

And I can hear your snorts, jeers, and guffaws right now!

But here’s the deal it may not be the best of all time…

But it’s my FAVORITE movie of all time, which, for me, makes it the best. 

(judge all you want.)

Now think about the things, products, and services you’re loyal to. Are they the BEST in every category? The sports team you cheer for, is it always in the championship? The TV show you enjoy the most, is it the Emmy winner? Your favorite t-shirt, has it won design awards?

Likely not, but for some reason for you, they are your favorite.

So, apply this to your own life. What would happen if, instead of shooting to be the BEST in any category, be it coach, entrepreneur, leader, partner, teacher, or spouse…you became your intended audience’s favorite? 

And I’m here to tell you being someone’s favorite doesn’t mean they can walk all over you. Think of your favorite teachers, leaders, coaches, or humans; what made them your favorite? 

Here are a few ideas:

1)    They speak the truth – even in difficult times. They don’t try to please you by sharing what they think you want to hear; they share their truth and ask you to do the same. They’re willing to be authentic and vulnerable, giving you space to share your authenticity. 

2)    They’re fully present – when they’re with you, you feel their full attention on you. They’re curious about how you perceive the world and your experiences.  

3)    They respect you – and your boundaries. They recognize you as a whole human who can make the right decisions for you. 

4)    They serve you instead of pleasing you – they deliver what you need, not what you want. If you were someone who struggles with overeating, pleasing you might be ordering a massive slice of cake to share after dinner while serving you would be an after-dinner walk. It’s understanding that I don’t always need you to like me to be your favorite. 

What happens if you shift your focus from being the best in any category to being your intended audience’s favorite? What experiences could you create for them that would solidify your position as their favorite?