How to Resist the Resistance

Work is more fun than fun. It is when you do it. It is not fun when you think about it, especially when you think about it ahead of time.

~ Noel Coward

I am FEELING this quote today. 

Today was a day full of commitments. Meetings with potential clients; two one-hour talks to different companies and a coaching client. 

I kept thinking about the next thing I had to do all day-including writing this blog post. I could feel my body resisting right up until the moment I started each item. 

But that’s the funny thing, once I started, all of the resistance and the anxiety about the thing I needed to do would dissipate, and I became present to the task at hand and enjoyed the process. 

So why do we do that? (I’m assuming I’m not the only one here).

Almost everything on my list was a commitment to someone else, and I wasn’t going to get out of it or procrastinate doing it. I had to show up at specific times and be present. 

So, why do I psychologically time jump into the future and start telling myself terrible little stories about what I think might happen at this future event, even though I know I am not a fortune teller. 

I am creating psychological suffering when I do this to myself.  

So here is the mantra I’m going to use tomorrow if I catch myself thinking about the work instead of just doing the work.

I am present to the moment I am in right now. 

I want to stop thinking about my future work and stay present to what’s right in front of me. And hopefully enjoy the work I’m doing right now. 

And why not make it more fun than fun?