How to Become Your Own Best Coach Through Journaling

Over the years my journal practice has become my greatest coach and a connection to my own wisdom. It’s the place where I unravel my thoughts, dream about the future and more importantly strategize the steps to get there.

I’ve researched different modalities, formats and processes and found the ones that have worked for me. But everyone is different.

In this post my goal is to open up your perspective on how you can use journaling beyond writing about your crushes and how weak in the knees they’re making you.

So you can use your time on the page to connect with your own internal wisdom.

I’m going to share a few of the ways I’ve used my journal practice and then share some exciting news that’s coming next week.

Reshaping Self-Esteem

Many of us are plagued with feelings of “not enough-ness”, and journaling can be a great technique for breaking down these mental gremlins that are telling you some terrible little stories

Perhaps the most common type of insecurity I see is imposter syndrome. It often comes up in my work with new coaches. 

By tracking down times when your feelings of insecurity or imposter syndrome pop up, then playing the role of a detective to determine what’s triggering them, you’ll be able to craft an action plan for dealing with them. 

Having the plan in place will help you be gentle and provide some self-acceptance of your experience and turn down the volume on those gremlins. 

Simply acknowledging that imposter syndrome is a part of life when you’re trying new things lets you recognize those yucky feelings for what they are, a signal that you’re playing in a bigger arena!

Feelings of insecurity may never fully go away, but, through journaling, you can help make them nothing more than minor distractions.

Adjusting My Money Mindset

When my parents divorced in my pre-teen years, money, or rather the lack of it, became a primary focus. 

I’ve used a journaling practice to uncover my relationship with money and begin to unravel my beliefs. I also hired a coach and they really got me started rethinking what money is, but it was my time in the pages of my journal that solidified a shift for me.

If you don’t have the relationship with money that you’d like you can use journaling to find out what’s holding you back and how to improve in the future. Even if it takes time to make the progress you’re seeking, journaling about money lets you spend the rest of your time focused on other major goals.

Creating Internal Motivation

People often joke about procrastination, but dang, let’s be real it is HARD to keep yourself motivated; especially right now, in the time of Covid. Consider making quick notes about your progress during the day and times when you’re unable to be at your best. Look for patterns and find ways to set yourself in an ideal environment for success.

I know for me personally I have to be especially kind to myself when I’m trying something new…and no, Deanna, a whole container of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramels does not fall under the “be kind to yourself” category. (My own mental gremlins can be very persuasive.)

If you’re struggling with your own productivity, first, please be kind to yourself. We’re eleven months into the pandemic and the burnout is real. 

But if you’d like to see if there’s anything within your control you can take on to help you with your motivation, consider setting aside a few minutes every night looking back at what you think held you back during the day. 

Focus on the positive as well, remind yourself what you did accomplish. We can be so hard on ourselves. But as you own best coach you know it’s important to celebrate successes too

Also, a few minutes in the morning covering how you intend to be productive can set you on a course for success.

I call them my M.I.A’s. My Most Important Actions of the day. If i can accomplish those items everything else is gravy. 

Journaling has been an integral part of my personal and professional development. I’d love to help you make it a part of our success as well. I KNOW you are wise and using your journal in a focused way can help you connect with your wisdom and your power on a regular basis. 

Now for the Exciting Part

Because I love journaling so much, I’m putting together an online course that will help you launch and perhaps broaden your own journaling practice. From personal goals, money mindsets, business building and more. The course will give you ways to look at journaling with a whole new light. 

Look for an update coming to your inbox to let you know the details.