Get Yourself an Awesome Squad

You know, when you’re trying to do that thing, you know, that thing that scares you. And your mental gremlins come out to play, and they start popping off with thoughts like…

“Who are you to do this?”

“No one is going to believe you can pull this off!”

“You’re never going to do this right.” 

And even though you’ve done the work, you’re tempted to believe the damn gremlins because they’re so loud and pervasive. 

That’s when you need to call in your awesome squad. 

What is an awesome squad, you ask? 

Well, your awesome squad is made of people who you can call or text at a moment’s notice to say, “Hey, I’m spiraling out; can you remind me of my awesomeness?” 

For me, the idea of the awesome squad came from an episode of the “Celebrity Book Club” podcast with Chelsa Devantez. Last November, she did an episode on the Maria Carey autobiography, “The Meaning of Mariah,” with guest host Lydia Popovich. 

At one point, Lydia said this:

“There are some days when I need to call friends and say, can you just remind me who the fuck I am, please?… Some days you just have to, and there is power in admitting you can’t always do that for yourself. Call someone that you love, and say, hey, I need you to remind me who the fuck I am. ~

Comedian Lydia Popovich

I remember exactly where I was when I heard her say this. I was outside walking my dog, Tori. She had just done her business, and I was bending over to pick it up. I was wearing a t-shirt I’d worn for three days straight and feeling all kinds of Covid worries.

I first laughed at the irony because I did not feel awesome at that moment. 

But then I was struck with the truth of this statement and how often, as a coach, to some amazing people, I often remind them of how amazing they are. 

We all need that at times. 

To have someone in our corner who can genuinely see our strengths, the efforts being made, the pool of potential we’re swimming in, and for them to remind us of our awesomeness. 

My friend Naomi and I have a signal we agree to send each other if we start to spiral. It’s the tornado emoji. If either of us receives this message – ?️  we know the other needs a few words of encouragement. 

And as I’m writing this, I’m reminded of the richness I have in friendships. I have people all across the country that I can call up and ask to please remind me of my greatness if I need it. 

And if right now you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, that’s great, Deanna…but I don’t have anyone like that in my life.” Here’s the solution. 

Be that person for someone else. Be first in line to remind people of how awesome they are. 

Here’s a simple way you can begin doing it now. 

Every time you sit down to eat with another person before you put food into your mouth, tell them something you appreciate about them without any expectation that the appreciation will be returned. 

Be the team lead on someone else’s awesome squad.