Here’s something we did in The Rewrite

I can’t believe there are only two more weeks in the first-ever Rewrite program. Time has seriously flown –  like a Learjet, not a crop-dusting Cessna. The group has created an incredible experience with and for each other. 

My stated goal at the beginning of the program was to serve each participant and the group to my highest ability. But I didn’t fully understand the power of a group. Every member has shown up intending to take their work seriously. They serve each other by being fully present, holding space, and celebrating wins. 

Several members have shared that they consider our time together as sacred, and it’s the highlight of their whole week; it’s the thing I look forward to most as well. 

No one, including myself, knew what the experience of the first Rewrite was going to be. And I like to think that I allowed space for magic to happen by not having a strict plan, which allowed for discoveries to happen along the way. 

In fact, two members created exercises that I’ll keep in future versions of the program simply because they were experimenting and shared something they did with the group and me. 

Here’s a sampling of one of the exercises – Put down on paper the dialogue that goes on in your head when you come up against something your feel resistance toward. The following is a recent conversation I had in my head:

Confident Dee: Okay, let’s go, we’ve got to back to doing pilates. 

Scared Dee: Oh, GAHHH! I’m so out of shape I haven’t gone in almost two months. 

Confident Dee: I know but remember how great you were feeling when you were going all the time?

Scared Dee: All I can remember was hard it was. I hate being the worst one in the class. 

Confident Dee: First of all, you may be the oldest, but you’re not the worst. 

Scared Dee: Hey!!!

Confident Dee: And secondly, who are you trying to compete with? You’re doing pilates, not a 100-yard dash. There is no best and worst; just people like you are practicing to improve. 

Scared Dee: I know you’re right.  

Confident Dee: Great, so you’ll sign up for a class tomorrow? 

Scared Dee: TOMORROW?! Oh, I was not thinking tomorrow. 

Confident Dee: I know, but what if we just did it. Sign up tonight so that you won’t have any excuse in the morning. 

Scared Dee: But, but…

Confident: That’s right, get your butt, butt back into Pilates. 

Scared Dee: Alright, I’ll do it. 

Confident Dee: And let’s make sure we follow through in the morning, shall we? 

Scared Dee: Okay, okay…I did it. We’ll go; I know I’ll feel better about it. 

Confident Dee: Nice work. 

Putting this down on paper helped me to do the thing I’ve been resisting for weeks. Just seeing the conversation instead of hearing it changed something for me. I have to thank Coach Chris for this great exercise. Thank you, Chris!

There have been great insights when we’re together, but some of the most profound has been in-between sessions in the group connection area. The kind of shares that make your jaw drop, make you laugh out loud, or stop your heart for just a second so you can take in the beauty. 

Several of you have asked if I’ll do another one, and the answer is yes. I’m shooting for Mid May for my next round. I do hope you’ll consider joining me.