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Jazzania Cuen

Paula Jean

Christine Cuddy

Andy Eninger

Caroline Christie


Working with Deanna helped me upgrade my mindset tremendously. I needed a shift in perspective to think bigger than I was and that was absolutely accomplished during my time with her. 

I now have the confidence to pursue my ultimate goal with the mindset of being a true professional and leader in my field, not an amateur. I also have the tools and tangible steps to take toward reaching my goal, which is exactly what I was wanting. Thank you so much, Deanna!

Anna Skaggs

“Four sessions doesn’t seem like much but the impact Deanna had on me in those four hours was immeasurable. She helped me open up to the idea that my thoughts were limiting my movement forward and showed me that I am filled with limitless possibilities. She has a gentle presence that feels like a warm blanket you are snuggled under while handing you the confidence to break through those things holding you back. (Actually, she illuminates the confidence that you held within you all along!!) She celebrates every win with you and is truly in YOUR corner but also understands the pain of breaking through those limiting thoughts. Deanna is truly gifted and at the same time a gift for all who encounter the beautiful way she guides her clients to creating new experiences and writing new stories for their lives.”

Traci Severson

“I never would have expected to be where I am today: a website being built, teaching opportunities lined up, and a clear vision of where I’m going with my coaching business. Working with you gave me the courage to not only face the scary, but to rip into it.” 

Rena Martine
Susannah Morey

“In four weeks, I saw real change in myself while working with Deanna. I accomplished small things that lead to bigger things and we celebrated everything together, even the struggles that come along with growth. She guided me through things I thought I could not accomplish giving me the most confidence I’ve ever had. Deanna is such a light. Having the experience of working with her will always be something I look back on and smile.”

Susannah Morey

CJ Leavens

“Deanna has a unique way of helping people find new perspectives and ways of framing experiences to help them find their own strengths.

The fascinating part for me was that through the experience she made every idea seem like it came from me, but the entire time she was facilitating my growth in a way that was perfect for my timeline.

I never felt for a moment like I was behind, off track, or not changing in the right way.”

CJ Leavens
Ellen Aumack

“I am so grateful for Deanna. I think back to when I felt like I had completely lost my mojo and wonder how I ever became so stuck in the first place. Deanna got me unstuck. Actually she didn’t get me unstuck—she makes YOU do it—and with that comes life changing power. Deanna’s exercises helped me pinpoint my professional priorities and I re-wrote my story with confidence.”

Ellen Aumack
Kim Spataro

“Deanna helped me recenter my priorities, get clarity around the direction I wanted to take my life, and the necessary steps to get there. Her advice and continued support has been instrumental to my growth. I cannot imagine where I would be today without her insight.”

Kim Spataro

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