Create the Vision you Want to Come From

August is all about motivation because, quite frankly, I need it. And if it resonates with you, GREAT! I’m writing this month about ways to get and keep myself motivated.

This week is all about creating a crystal-clear vision of where you want to go.

Having a vision is an essential strategy because we can start feeling like we’re spinning our wheels, not going anywhere without it.

And perhaps the most important reason for having a vision of the future you’d like to create is that a vision isn’t a place to get to…it’s a place to come from.

What the hell does that mean, Deanna?

Well, imagine you create a vision that you want to be a best-selling author. You’d love your book to be recommended by Oprah, Brené, and Reese. You’d love for it to become a New York Times bestseller. You’re dreaming big!

Here’s what I know for sure. That every author who has had the experience of writing a book, getting it sold, or self-publishing, having it read by others, and perhaps even making it to the recommended list of their favorite bookstores has had one thing in common…

They did the work of writing a book. Every author began by writing words on pages.

Becoming a best-selling author isn’t an experience you dream about and wonder how you’ll ever accomplish that goal.  It’s not a place to get to.

Creating a Vision is an Imaginative Experience

You start by creating the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors NOW of the human you need to be to live into that experience.

Want to become a best-selling author? Start at the very beginning and build the habit of writing.

Want to become a florist? Start now by practicing putting arrangements together with flowers from your yard…or your neighbors if their kind enough to allow it.

How about having a fantastic relationship with your partner or kids? Who do you have to be now to get to that final destination?

And here’s a tip. The more specific you can get your vision to be, the easier it will be to experience it, why you ask?

Try these two visions on for size and see which one is more motivating to you.

I’d like to travel someday.


I’d like to go to Costa Rica in October for ten days and spend three days in the mountains, four days at the beach, and the final three days at a yoga retreat.

Which one of these do you think will put more pep in your step and get you engaged and motivated to take action?

And here’s the deal. Most of us are great and creating a vision of what we don’t want in our lives. We don’t want this feeling of being stuck, this career, the financial woes, etc.

But that is low-hanging fruit when it comes to creating a vision.

The imaginative work of creating a solid vision is focusing on what you DO want.

Try This On for Size

Here’s a great primer to get you started. Grab a piece of paper and make three columns. Title the first column – EXPERIENCES I WANT TO HAVE. Title the second column – THINGS I WANT TO LEARN. Title the third column – HOW I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE.

Here’s a sampling from my current list.

Now, with just three lines, I can start putting into place the things I want to do with my life. It becomes a blueprint for the experiences I want to have, the growth I want to experience, and the impact I want to have on the world.

Try it out for yourself and see how many things you can put in your columns.

And remember, you get to create your life; it all starts with knowing what you want your life to look like and how you want it to feel.

If you ever want any help with that, let me know. You can reach out to me through my website, and remember you’re helping me reach my vision of providing free coaching for over 100 people a year!