Here’s one of my favorite things to do with my clients.

I help people rewrite their stories so they can experience true freedom. 

Sound lofty, doesn’t it? 

But here’s what I’ve learned over the years through coaching…

We get trapped in our stories. We create stories of our experiences with challenges or difficulties, and we end them as victim stories. We tell those stories over and over again as if they are our only truth. 

We tell stories of all the things we can’t do and why. The reasons we’re not worthy of going after our dream and why we’re not as loveable as we’d like to be. 

The stories become a part of who we are, and we never stop to question their validity. We tell stories with pretty sketchy facts and a whole lot of opinion. 

And we don’t check to see if there’s a more powerful way to tell our own stories. 

One of my favorite things to do with clients is to take some time to listen to the stories of their lives. How did they get to where they are now? What were the difficulties they faced? And what are the reasons they think they can’t achieve what they want? 

Then I ask if I can retell their story as if I am them. My clients get to sit back and listen to a different version of their life stories. 

I bring my years of storytelling, improv, and coaching to the session and create a more powerful version of their story by rearranging elements and reframing their experiences. I tell their story as if they are the hero  – not the victim. 

 I don’t need to add anything new or makeup anything that didn’t happen. 

And when I finish, there is usually silence. 

Almost every client ends up crying; it is a deeply emotional experience for them. They feel seen, and the perspective of who they are is completely changed. They are freed from their limiting story. 

And I have to be honest; it’s tough to do that on our own because we’ve been telling our old versions for so long that they’ve become our truth. 

But the truth is a fine line of perspective. To hear another perspective can provide us with another truth that is more inspiring, motivating, and confidence-building.

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