You say you want clarity but….

Ahhh…the myth of clarity. 

So many of my clients, when asked what they want most from our coaching conversations, say a sense of clarity. Some think they want the whole script written for the next chapter of their lives.

But I wonder if that’s actually true.

Sure, the idea of having a road map – a step-by-step process to get you to where you want to go sounds appealing. But I think a road map, especially one created by someone else is often a great demotivator

It’s like someone telling you the whole plot of a movie and the surprise ending right before you enter a movie theater. No one wants that! 

Our minds get bored when we know all the answers. We subconsciously like the open loop of “what’s next?” 

Streaming services have us figured out which is why they let us binge-watch shows because we so deeply want to know what happens next. 

No, what most clients really want is clarity around what the end destination could look like. 

And here’s the deal I think we’ve often fantasized about it, we just don’t voice it, share it with others, write it down, or otherwise commit to it. 

Because if we do, the next thought is, “yeah, but I don’t know how to get there.”

And that’s why working with a coach can be so powerful. A great coach will pull those long-held dreams outside of your head and onto the table to be explored, validated, experimented with and so you can hear the words you’ve longed for, “yes, it’s possible.”

And then help you determine what’s the next step you can take. 

If you let go of the fear that comes up with the “I don’t know how to get there” mindset you can see life as the grand adventure that it is. 

Because here’s the deal, clarity is actually built with every step you take. One step leads to the next one. 

What’s the step you need to take today to help you find out what’s next?