Thursday Thoughts (Dec. 3rd Edition)


I had to share this sleep headband with bluetooth speakers with you!

I used to listen to meditations at night in bed while wearing my AirPods, which never worked.

I’m a side sleeper…ouchie-mama!

One time I ended up with a small cut in my ear that got infected. It looked like a boxer’s cauliflower ear. (Look it up…gross ? )

Now with this sleep headband I can listen, while laying on my side and go to sleep like a baby.

Also, they’re great for wearing outside in the cold winter months.

Though, as I’m writing this it’s 80º here in Los Angeles, so that’s an educated guess on my part.


Last week, I asked for anyone who self-identified as a STRONG woman to share their insights with me. Thank you to those that reached out and said, “sure I’ll chat with you, Deanna.”

There is one clear theme that has come out of these talks…Every single woman has said something to the effect of, “I like being a strong woman.”

If you missed last week’s newsletter and have 20-30 minutes to share your insights with me, I’d love to hear them. You can schedule a time on my calendar by clicking on the button below.


If you’re a coach…or someone interested in personal development I want to make sure you know about Christine Hassler’s podcast “Over It and On with It”.

As coaches I think we’d often love to be a fly on a wall to hear how someone else does it. Many of Christine’s podcasts are just that…actual coaching sessions.

Sometimes it feels like for the sake of timing she gets to it a bit faster than might be helpful with a newer client of your own, but she gives an opportunity to hear how someone else does it.

Observational or in this case auditory learning can be powerful!

I  hope you found something helpful in this week’s newsletter!

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