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Have you found the power in your shame?

Okay, first of all, how in the hell is it the end of September already?  I know we can have a deeper conversation than one about time or the weather, but I just need to commiserate with you a bit on the fact that it’s fall, and I feel like I didn’t create many summer […]

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Thursday Thoughts (Feb 11th Edition)

Two Powerful Words to Improve Your Relationships Both at Home and Work We all have this need to be seen; why just this weekend at Super Bowl LV, the directors put over 30,000 cutouts of fans in the seats so players could feel like they had someone watching them. We have a human need for […]


Thursday Thoughts (Dec. 3rd Edition)

Ideas I had to share this sleep headband with bluetooth speakers with you! I used to listen to meditations at night in bed while wearing my AirPods, which never worked. I’m a side sleeper…ouchie-mama! One time I ended up with a small cut in my ear that got infected. It looked like a boxer’s cauliflower ear. (Look […]