Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

I’m wrapping up this series of motivation methods with perhaps one of the most important one of all…keep your eye on the prize and keep on walking. 

I want to share something with you. I’m writing this for myself, and if you resonate with it too, great! 

But today, I’m writing to my soul. 

Hi friend, (is it weird that I call myself my friend?)

I see you, I know what’s in your heart, what you want to create, and the impact you want to have on the world. 

I know it feels like a big audacious dream. To speak to thousands of people, to have a podcast that leads into a talk show and a live entertainment show, and on top of that, to coach over 10,000 individuals!! That’s a huge vision!!

But here’s the deal, you have to keep your eye on that vision. 

I know you can be easily distracted by shiny objects, by books you think you should read, courses you think you should take, content you think you should consume. 

All of those things are great…BUT unless you stop and ask yourself, do I really need this book, this course, or this content to help me get to that vision, you’ll continue to get distracted and be unfocused. 

The reason I’m talking to you about this now is that time continues to pass. You can’t continue to say “I’ll do that tomorrow” because one day you won’t have any tomorrows left.

So, here’s what I’m going to ask of you. 

Every day for the next seven days, I want you to spend 10 minutes focused on your vision. I want you to visualize it so strongly that you can feel yourself stepping up onto the stage. You can feel the spotlight on you; you can see the faces of hundreds of people in the audience. I want you to imagine a standing ovation after your talk and people wishing to share their gratitude with you for the new perspective they have on the stories they tell themselves. 

Visualize the audience analytics for your podcast. See the 100,000 subscriber count. Imagine reading the audience emails and how your stories and insights have impacted them positively. 

Imagine that talk show and how you’ve been able to create an environment of love and compassion and community on set. Feel the positive energy that everyone who works on the show brings and the deep gratitude that everyone from the executive producer to the PA has for creating something good for our audience.

Visualize the live show you want to create that uses your background in comedy, improv, storytelling, and coaching to not only entertain people but to change them. To see a stronger possibility for their lives and to start creating that possibility during your show. 

I know it’s scary to share all of this with your readers. Sharing this big dream feels vulnerable as hell, but I also know this is a safe space. 

And if you can show them how to dream big, stay focused, and not just visualize the future but experience their future, you will have taken another step toward your dream. 

Today I want you to focus not on the possibility of failing but on the audacity of success. Focus on what you want and let everything else go. Focus on the destination and keep walking towards it while becoming the human being you need to be to achieve it. 

You got this. Enjoy the journey.