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The High Five Experiment

Last week I finished reading Mel Robbins’ book, “The High Five Habit.” Truthfully, I listened to it on Audible because I’m finding it hard right now to sit down and read. Anyone else? The central idea of the book is to physically high-five yourself every morning in your bathroom mirror. I’m gonna be real with […]

Want more confidence? Here’s the recipe…

Taking a quick look at my client intake forms, about 80% of the folks who set up a discovery coaching call with me share that the main thing they want to work on is their confidence.  And I hate to burst their bubble, but… You can’t talk your way into confidence. Confidence is the outcome […]

How to Have a Better Inner Dialogue

We’ve all heard it — that inner voice that speaks up whenever we’re planning on doing something new, or we’ve screwed something up, or maybe it’s just Tuesday morning, and this kind of conversation is happening all the time.   Sometimes, your critical inner voice tells you what you should have done but didn’t. Other times, […]

How do you keep driving the bus when the passengers are out of control?

The other day my friend Kat sent a group text of an audio recording of an intense screaming match she was witnessing on a bus in Chicago.  It was night time, and raining, the bus was late, everyone was on edge, she was exhausted, and her last nerve was being tested. All she wanted was […]

What if you brought your whole self into the conversation?

I co-led a workshop today on the topic of receiving feedback. I was reminded of the many ways I’ve made it difficult for people in my past to give me feedback. (I can’t tell you how many times my mom told me that she’d like to “wipe that smirk off my face.”) Most leaders want […]

shy embarass

Have you found the power in your shame?

Okay, first of all, how in the hell is it the end of September already?  I know we can have a deeper conversation than one about time or the weather, but I just need to commiserate with you a bit on the fact that it’s fall, and I feel like I didn’t create many summer […]