Stop pouring from an empty glass

This one goes out to all my people pleasers, my over-givers, and my folks willing to say yes to everyone else, leaving no time or energy for themselves. 

Is that you? 

Are you pouring out of your proverbial glass to serve everyone around you, leaving you depleted and, let’s be honest, a tad bit resentful?

Is there nothing left in your cup right now to give to anyone else, even if you wanted to? 

This is truly an unstainable model for living. 

I think you know that too. 

But you may not know how to do life any other way because you love to help other people and let’s be real, they need YOUR help. How can you say no?

But what if we shifted the whole paradigm?

What if instead of pouring out of your cup until it’s empty and entering the desert of resentment and exhaustion, hoping you’ll get your cup filled up again?

What if you poured into your cup until it overflowed with energy, and by extension, through that energy, you found it much easier and more enjoyable to help and serve others?

And this doesn’t mean just getting a weekly pedicure and hoping that will be enough. However, it is a nice reminder that I need one desperately. 

I’m talking about engaging with activities that poor energy into you, like having deep conversations with someone you trust that feeds your soul. 

Or engaging in a hobby you haven’t done in years because you haven’t made the time. Or doing something new for the first time, walking in a new neighborhood to you, a day trip to a town you’ve never been to, taking a class in something you’ve always been interested in, or engaging with life in a new way. 

Can you feel the energy just reading these suggestions?

Think of a time when you felt like life was really clicking for you. You were waking up energized; you were enjoying what you were doing. Wasn’t it also easier to extend yourself towards other people without feeling depleted?

If right now your life force isn’t overflowing and you’re trying to sip from the same cup that everyone else wants to drink from in your life, it’s okay to say no. You cannot give what you don’t have. 

The request is for you to find out what DOES fill you up and do more of that. The energetic payoff is enormous.