THANK YOU, for hanging with me in 2021.

Tomorrow we mark the end of 2021.  I’m fortunate to have a big group of friends who gather every NYE in Westerly, RI. There are usually 12 adults and six kids. Because of Covid, we didn’t gather last year. This year planning started early. There was definite excitement at the idea of gathering again and […]

stars galaxy in a jar

You’re not creative??? That’s BS…here’s why.

Have you ever thought…I’m not a creative person? Well, let me help you flip that sentiment on its rear.  Because language is a completely creative outlet. You’re creating all the time using language. You run into a friend and say, “We should go to lunch next Friday.” Your friend says, “Yes! I’d love to…how about […]

Here’s my wish for you…

The other day, I turned onto the I-5 on-ramp, and it looked like the dystopian future.  There was no one, I mean not a single car on the freeway heading south. My brain could not compute what it was seeing.  Where were all of the cars? I live in Los Angeles, a city known for […]

Age ain’t no thing… you can still change.

My mom shocked me over Thanksgiving.  Well, first, she hurt me. I don’t think she did it intentionally. She quickly said something right after giving her a gift that took me back to my childhood days of not being seen or heard.  And whew, boy, I bet the whole restaurant could feel the steam coming […]

One phone call flipped my story!

Here in the US, it’s Thanksgiving Day. A day often spent with family or friends, eating a whole bunch of food, then loosening our pants and going back for more. We share who and what we’re grateful for and take a few pictures to capture the moment. There are also people out there spending this […]

When I heard this, everything shifted

Several years ago, the leadership team at a metropolitan hospital brought me in to announce an organization-wide suite of changes. Staff members were bussed from their jobs at the hospital and ushered into a nearby hotel conference room. That’s where I introduced myself and then shared a PowerPoint deck going over all the changes coming […]