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Want more confidence? Here’s the recipe…

Taking a quick look at my client intake forms, about 80% of the folks who set up a discovery coaching call with me share that the main thing they want to work on is their confidence.  And I hate to burst their bubble, but… You can’t talk your way into confidence. Confidence is the outcome […]

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Coaching is a Creative Process

This blog goes out to all the newer coaches.  In the beginning, new coaches are so hungry to prove their value; to know that they are really helping people. And you can do that most easily when you help your clients solve their problems.  You help your client fix their problem, now you feel worthy […]

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Thursday Thoughts (Feb 11th Edition)

Two Powerful Words to Improve Your Relationships Both at Home and Work We all have this need to be seen; why just this weekend at Super Bowl LV, the directors put over 30,000 cutouts of fans in the seats so players could feel like they had someone watching them. We have a human need for […]

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New year

Thursday Thoughts (Dec. 31st Edition)

“This year has been a total dumpster fire.”…I paused when I heard those words come out of my mouth. I was on a Zoom call with friends and joining in on the pile on of terrible things that have happened this year.  From the global level, down to the personal; we spent about 30 minutes […]